Children's Therapy


Our Children’s Therapists, Julie Corbin, Kira Hickman, Mirna Velasquez, Diana Daigle (no longer with the practice) and Ana Frias (unfortunately leaving us in mid March 2021) are skilled in play therapy, sand trey, art therapy, EMDR and other methods to help children cope and communicate. The specialize in school and behavior issues, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, divorce, family problems, visitation, anger management, communication skill building, assertiveness training, anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviors and much more.
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Left to right: Julie Corbin, Kira Hickman, Mirna Velasquez and Ana Frias.



Left to right: Diana Daigle (no longer with the practice), Julie Corbin, Kira Hickman and Mirna Velasquez.