All I-BOS Counseling Center therapists provide Telehealth services to our clients! There are several forums we are using and ALL are HIPAA and BAA compliant with the insurance companies.  

Here are the companies we are providing Telehealth through:
Simple Practice
Talk Space

We are no longer allowed to used the following methods:

What do you have to do?

It is up to each employer to offer TeleHealth. Some do, some don’t. All you need to do is call HR and ask if it is a service provided by your employer. If so, let your therapist know this is something you are interested in and the cost is only your normal copay and deductibe for outpatient mental health services. If not, you can ask if it can be added to your plan. If you don’t have health insurance, you can pay out of pocket.

How do we collect for services since you are not in our office? It’s easy! We just need a credit card that we can compute into Square and we can charge it wherever you may be with your permission.

Where can you do this from? Anywhere! You just need a smartphone, iPad, laptop or computer to connect. We will send you the link into our “waiting room” and your therapist will click on your name and connect with you at your appointment time. It’s that easy!

Restrictions: We can do EMDR with some clients after a short evaluation. We, as therapists, also need to be licensed in the state you are located in. For example, Kathy Lowry is licensed in OH, KY and FL. This means she can do Telehealth with people in all three of these states while she is residing in any of these states. Cool!

Telehealth can be done before work or school, lunch break or the comfort of your home later in the day. Of course we like seeing you in person, but we also understand that you are busy and sometimes it can be hard (or impossible) to make it to our office. We just want to make your life easier, decrease your stress and give you the best mental health options available.

Questions? Feel free to ask your therapist when you contact them, but don’t forget to call your HR department or health insurance company first to see if this is an option for you.